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Welcome to =Phil's DSi Creator's Room!

Name: Philip (nicknamed Phil, obviously)

Age: 17 (September birthday)

I currently own: DSi, Wii and 3DS.

YouTube Channel:

Facebook Fanpage:!/pages/Phils-Flipnote-Fans/169792753089759

Twitter Fanpage:


Flipnote Studio CANNOT be transferred to 3DS. Therefore I am returning on my DSI to post the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack while I wait for Flipnote Memo to be released.

I read both ONM and NGamer magazines, feel free to talk to me about those.

My 3DS FC is 2449-4610-9250. I am only adding people who I know well.

Now an official member of Team-i! :D


Hatena People I Have Met:

Sofiz (ID sofiz4mj)