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Hello there, I go by Peach! I got the nickname from my family, but most importantly my brother. He is disabled with the 22q11 deletion. He called me Peach because I have a similar personality as my "Alter Ego". He is such a sweetie dispite everything he goes through. All of my family and closest friends call me Peach. :) I am an artist who goes to Barbara Ingram School For The Arts, I love it there. I love to draw, its my passion. I've had my DSi for 3 years now, and the program I spend the most time doing is Flipnote Studio. I do Flipnote Studio/Hatena in the Summer mostly because I am busy with school in the other parts of the year.

Within my three month break, I will try to make as many Flipnotes as possible! I will also try and post some throughout the school year, I will stay dedicated even though I will be busy! :3 Want to know more about me? Read Below!

Name: Kiara (Said like Ky-ra, I love having an uncommon name. c: You can call me Peach or Kiara!)

Favorite Color: Pink!

Birthday: July 11th (secret year) :P

Loves to: Play video games,(especially Mario ones)dance, (I've been doing ballet since I was 5) sing, listen to music, draw, paint, take photographs, cook, shop,spend time with animals, and enjoy life! :)

Favorite food: Hmm, thats hard! xD I like ALOT of foods.

Favorite Animal: I am an animal lover, but I love doggies OVER 9000 percent! xD

Apperance: Long, curly dark brown hair. (I straighten it sometimes because curls get boring! xD) Brown eyes. slightly tanned, tall, skinny, and ahdorahble! ;)

Personality: Silly, humorous, caring, innocent, stubborn, sporty, loveable, sensative, kind, and easygoing! QUICK QUESTIONS: What do you want to be when you get older?

I'd like to work for Nintendo when I get older. I do great Peach impressions, among many other characters! If not that, I'd like to become a wildlife photographer or an Veternarian.

What do people like most about you?

I guess my kindness, I give people many undeserved chances. I also think they like me for my humor, I can always get someone to crack a smile! I'm so random! xD

If thats not enough for you, feel free to talk to me! I love meeting new people! :)