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*-_Hello hatena!_-*

Hello lovelies, welcme to my preofile! My name is Amber, and im just your not so average girl. I was born in Florida, but I recently moved to Kentucky....I absolutely hate it here. Theirs nothing to do...anywho, im usally a quiet, happy mellow girl who has extreme violent issues (trust me....its bad) my eyes change color by my mood. No joke, when im sad they turn blue, and when im mad they turn dark brown. Its something that has do to with genetic mutation lol im special. Theor usaly hazel or green. Im short for my age, but that never stoped me from living life to the fullest. The only thing that realy stops me is im either hurting myself or im sick...they both happen to me alot. Im a chocoaulic and I like parties ewe. Im not the perfect kid, I get in trouble alot ;w;

Enouph about my boring life! Here on hatena, im known as Aurora&Co! Ive bin drawing since November 2010. I am the creator of Aurora Serenity the Butterfly (I think im responsable for bringing butterfly OCs and other insect OCs mainstream..eAe) Ive had Aurora for over 8 years now. I draw Sonic, chibi, and on occasion animals and some Anime/Manga.

I have ALOT of is a list:

Yea...I have alot...some arnt even introduced. Blarg I need to get off my lazy but a post them more...' lmao

Aurora has some forms. She dosent have many, but oh well:

Tenshi Aurora (Lvl 1)

Ulta Aurora (Lvl 2)

$hatt3red Auras (Dark)

Lost Innosence (Depressed)

Note: $hatt3red is a form and a character. My OC was created by Shenzi during project virus. What happened was it was created inside Aurora to consume her, but it escaped her body as its own form (OC) but some of it was still trapped inside Aurora (thus her form)

Derp. So yea. Im just a girl who loves to make friends and art. I know alot of people look up to me and I thank you for that. I dont want to be kbown as a "Famous" creator, but a friend to everyone. Corney, I know xP

Well, thats it I guess. Thanks for visiting my profile!

~Amber Kent


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Jenna is still here strangers... >:D