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Well, I love to laugh.And smile. I love making new friends and I love to talk. My favorite colors are everything neon, electric blue, and perfect pink. I live in OH and I hope to be a model, actor, singer, or anything else. Did I mention I LOVE to draw? I like Hatena because it's a place to go for friends and fans, and the flipnotes on here are pretty cool. I have two cats, one named Leo, 2 yrs old, and the other is Kitty, 12. Leo is the crazy one and Kitty is the weird one. I have no siblings, and I want a sister, but in the same way I feel lucky because I get a lot of privacy and nobody annoys me.My favorite animal right now is the giraffe but that changes a lot. First it was cats, then penguins, then flamingos. But I like giraffes a lot because they are tall and skinny (like me) and have the most coolest skin ever. My idol is Selena Gomez and I'm okay with JB and 1D. I am mostly kind, innocent, fun and outgoing. I like pop music a lot and some Teen Quotes make me laugh, which is why I run Teen Quotes series. And if you ever asked me what I hate most, I'd say cheeseburgers, mustard, shrimp or the colors black and red. I love ice cream, even in the winter. I love all seasons, especially Summer and Winter. I don't care what people think of me, even though most people usually don't think negative about me (I hope >.<). I like school, but I mostly go for friends. Wow, I type fast. I love to do fun things like feed bread to geese or go to sleepovers. And that's just the type of person I am :)




November 29th


Well I cant tell you what school I go to, but I can tell you there is a LOT of drama.

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Singing, talking, smiling, hanging with friends, oh and did I mention that I LOVE to draw?


English, and I know a little bit of french. And I know how to say Hi in lots of languages.