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Hai there! Check out my flipnotes! I'm just a normal flipnote creator , I create series (I like making stories and series) . I like drawing , I love my family and friends , fans!

My bestie is : Fawn and Psychic and Zoe! (<. - . < ) <-- Fatty (Lawl)

My favourite creator is : Pokachi and Fawn and Psychic >:D

My favourite books are The Hunger Games and My Australian story


I like purple and blue *U*

I luv animals .3.

I have a crush on sum1 at my school , Okokok I tell you what his name is , Jason >3<

I dislike : Scammers , star beggars , mean people , cockroaches (I like spiders) xD

My fav people on Youtube : Mychonny and Pewdiepie (imma bro :3) BD

And thats all T^T