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Hmmm my common sense is tingleing....

Anyways,I ought to tell you people about myself :)

I'm sync.Sync the hedge-wolf-tiger.

Age:old enough to kick your a- I mean,i'm 18 :D

Species:yo mam-again,I meant Hedge-wolf-tiger.


favorite food(s):chimichangas,tacos,cheesy puffs,pickles,lotsa spaghetti :)

likes:k:ll:n people :),watching golden girls('specialy bea Arthur )and doin...stuff..and and did I mention chimichangas?oh and my friends too.

Dislikes:when I don't have my head on my shoulders-_-

ok so here's my FULL story.

When I(sync) was born,I had like a disease type thing in my head that caused all my brain cells to be damaged and all that good stuff(sarcasm), my crazy deranged mother,who is the evil queen of mobius,tryed to get help from near and far.since she's a crazy deranged queen,she gave up all hope and waited for me,the chimichanga a$$kicker,merc with a mouth that you all know and love,to die.I know sad right?:)

Anyways,right around my 3rd birthday,my mother took me to Canada.there she met with serveral docters..those docters would change my life forever..but that's later on in the story,you crazy fools :D,so yea,she met up with docters who wanted to test a "cure" to what I had in my mother left me,leaving all her hopes to those docs.

They tested and tested on me,for years I suffered.finally,they were finished,but I had not become what they wanted me to be.I was then deemed a failed project.after they deemed me a faliure,I was sent to a mental ward because i would ,to other people,seem like I am talking to myself,when clearly I'm talking either to you guys,or Tito and chimi :)

anywho,people in the mental ward didn't know of my extreme ability to heal.the part of the hospital I was put in were for rejects and failed experaments.we would place bets on which one of us would live or perish.of course,me only being 13 at the time,everyone underestimated when it was time,we would be put against each other and pray to god we would win.of course with me and my regeneration,I would win every fight.I gained a reputation.then,when other scientists would visit they would test me,as in test my regeneration it was NOT pleasent.these mysterious scientist's took me and put me along with other superpowered beings,one of them being one of my best friends,Swayze.there we would go on missions or were hired and got paid to get rid of people.I realized what I was doing was wrong,and I went back home in search if my mother and brothers.

I found them all right,but with what seemed like another version of me!this imposter was a clone!named x-23,or Mileena as she potrayed herself.but this time she didn't go by that name,she had taken mine instead!and what a fool my mother was to believe her!I mean,come on!she didn't even like chimichangas!how can she be possibly MY clone?!

Anyways,my mother believed Mileena was really me!and that I was an imposter!so she shunned me,for the rest of my life.

With me being without a home,I found myself back on the m-ercenary job again.I mean come on,I was 16 and had no job option left...and with my mental problem getting worse with each fight,I decided to quit again.

One day as I was strolling down the street talking to Tito and chimi(my voices inside my head)about whether or not to get soft chicken tacos or hard chicken tacos,I stumbled upon my future best friends and team mates,Heather the hedge-fox and Amethyst the echidna(robot).....well they saw me talking to "myself" and saw that i was stumbleing all over the place talking about tacos,they decided to "adopt" me,so i became an older sister(physically) and a younger sister(mentally) at the same time.we have long since formed a group called Lunar Star...and to be honest,I wouldn't know what I'd do without those girls :)

also,I've met Xiao the hedge-cat,my long lost sister Miranda the hedgehog,kelsey the wolf,and a whole bunch of great friends that I love!!!

So that's my story for now!!!:)

now to tell yo more about myself;

powers/abilitys:pyrokinesis ,shadow-walking,superhuman healing factor,expert at hand to hand combat,expert at a$$a$$ination,expert sw.ords and g.unman,kinda superhuman strength and agility.

Side:anti-hero,good(as of now)


Favorite catchprases:"shhh,my common sense is tingleing","hush,inner voices,I'm tryna think","did somebody say 'chimichanga'?!oh wait,that's just the sound of my brain and skull healing ;)","SCOOP SCOOP!HAGEN DAAZ!",and"YOU SO PRINGLES!!WHERE YO CURLEH MUSTACHE AT!???"

lol yeaaa