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Hi, i'm Blackshiba ^-^

I'm a 12 year old girl and I live in Germany :3

(my b-day is on the 19/02 <3 )

I really love animals and anime -w- <3

and i love all my friends so much ,:>

so don't leave! ,:< pwease...

i can tell you my 'inspirations' ,:3 :

Selina,Hoshi,Yui and aimee rose (check their flips out they are awsome <3 -w- )

and here are my BEST Friends (<3) :

Kibi O Wolf (sis forever TvT I really love chuuu!!! <3 )

Chibuya (Chibi!!! I really love chuu too <3 )

Amber ( you're a awsome friend,cuz' you always cheer me up...thanks~ I love chuu too TvT <3)

Torako (i love chuuu! cuz' you're always nice to me <3<3<3 and btw thanks 4 putting me in so much flip's <3)

Misui~ (i love you <3 nothing more to say <3 )

sorry if i forgot someone ... I'm not so smart xD


and thank you sooo much for 177 (now 236!) fans TTvTT thank you all!!! i love you <3

(thanks 4 reading this random description of myself xD)