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Name:Greileen aka. Tootie



Birthday:soon Sept,11

State:Buffalo NY.

Fave Color:Baby Blue

Fave Thing To Do:Text,Listen to music,Hang w/Friends,Draw,Make Lyric Flups,Meet new People

Fave Singer:Forever BMC BOYZ & Dem Get Away Boyz<3

Fave Song:Alot lol<3♪

Fave Movie:Rango (For now)

Fave Show:Regular Show & Adventure Time <33

What am i like:

Well im very unique and iiLove meeting new people in all times umm im nice and sweet to the people that i can trust im easy to get along with, i have alot of good qualities i like to play around alot lol XD and thats what im like.

No you cant know my background less yor my real friend <333



Sports:Cheer not good at alot of sports.:/ LOL


Why do i make flips: why would you ask that lol i like making flips especially music flips.

Why do you have so many acounnts:

well i got banned once and i had to restart my dsi.

Would i you ever add me back:

no i have to get to know you very well first. and you cant be fake with me keep it G.

Do you think your popular:

umm notRlly because i get stars doesnt mean anything i only have 500 fans for now.

Do you hate certain people on her:

hate us a strong word that most of these people do hate i dislike some people on here but i put up with it because i get along with every one if you dont liike me personally idg1f:]

Mire Q`s no more please =A=