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We are two people like Epic and Guitar. We like naruto, we are white males. hello austin here me and my brother jason are making a lot of new flips so check them out also help us reach our goal of 100 fans we're at 66 right now so please help us reach our goal thanks

okay so i've made some flips resently and i was wondering about my newest flip so you guys decide for me either a naruto vs sasuke flip or a obito and kakashi flip note you guys decide for me please. comment on my newest flip for your choice

hello every one, do to me, i dropped my dsi in the toilet and it is now water damaged, so this account is most likely gone forever when i make another one, i'll tell you via this description. so uhm i may still comment on things and crap but no flips for awhile, maybe never... so if we were friends i'll try talking to ya'll but who knows...

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILvkEHQPHHg Watch It! Lol