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Welcome to my profile

this time im gonna properly introduce myself, followed my some FAQs, and my current flipnote status and plans [This will update every...thursday.]

First off, my real name is Trenton Savage, Keaton is a nickname, or my animator name, im 17 and I [Of course] love to animate. im currently planning on creating my own REAL show ¨Dension Caliber¨ anime. im in 11th grade so im pretty much busy w/ alotta free time to create flipnotes? yes. i have a 3DS AND im an ambassador! my friend code is [3265-5057-8039] if you wanna add me . lemme know.


Q: Can you fave me?

A: Depends, if your flipnotes interest me or not.

Q:How do you finish good flipnotes so fast?

A: Determination, Persistants, high imagination/creativity... honestly i can draw i 30min picture in 5mins.

Q:Where do you get your ideas for your original flipnotes?

A: from the top of my head. some times youtube.

Q:who is your fave creator?

A:no one at the moment

Q: How fast does it take you to create flipnotes

A: 0-200pgs(1day) 0-300pgs(36hrs) 0-400pgs(2 1/2 days) 0-500pgs(4 1/2days)

0-720(1week 4days)

Q:Where did you learn to draw/animate?

A: Im a self-learner. and i anticipate other artisans and convert their style into my own.

Q: Can you teach me how to draw?


Q: Do you plan on quitting?

A:I tried but i can't

Q:why aren't you popular? you deserve way more stars.

A:im not yet acknowledged, needs to work harder, and hatena's plagues.

Q:How long have you been on hatena?

A: Since the release,

Q:have you been reported or banned?

A:yes, both.

Q:Do you respond to your fans?

A: I Try.

Q: do you love your fans?

A: Yes.

Q:Do you do requests?

A: No



Mon 10/17/11

Puss N' Boots OldSpice Adventure Flipnote [PENDING] 0/0 pgs [0% completed]

INFO Flipnote - [Finished] 6/6pgs [100%Completed]

  • Scott Pligrim (Welcome Back Special) Flipnote - [Finished] 430/430Pgs [100%Completed]

Spongebob The Movie /BIT/ Flipnote - [Finished] 380-380Pgs [100% Complete]

Starfox Flipnote - [CANCELLED]

280/476Pgs [67%Complete]

Adventure Time Flipnotes - [INACTIVE] 0/0pgs [Not Started]

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