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Hi I am Zelda Fan.

My DsiXL is being repaired. I commonly draw in my personal style. Sadly I am quite shabby with flipnotesudio. But that was a while ago.

Now I made a style called Chimrichi. When you see my new flips (when my DsiXL comes back) you might understand. I was pretty bad on my previous flips but... On my DS3 i use Game Notes. I go in any game and press the home button the enter game notes. I draw pictures with my stylus. Now I totally improved.

Fav Color:Black

Fav Game: Zelda (oh duh MY NAME) Zeldafan

Fav Computer Game: Paint application and Guild wars

Second Fav Game:Pokemon and mario

Thanks for reading


Haunted Animal Crossing Wild World A story wrote by Emma Brown

Have you ever played a Nintendo game? Well... Haunted? Maybe not does this ring a bell. Well this is not only a tale of Animal Crossing we it's about a corrupted... WELL you get it or at least you should.

My family was poor for oh so many years. My name is Kurow Ono. I live is a small town in the Tri State area. I love garage sales and if I see a sign you know I'm going. So my parents let me walk to my neighbors houses. For 10 dollars I found a slightly damaged DsiXL with a weird card. A game card with all the Nintendo games I wanted to own and could own. The sticker that was attached to the card was Animal Crossing Wild World. I always dreamed of playing that game. Now I finally can play it. Pokemon, Okamiden , Zelda and anything you can name. I surried home before my friend see me grab and buy the game. I brought it home and plugged the charger in. THE THING JUST FIRED UP! I got to play all theses games till I found there were save datas named by Bella Sora. Every game on the card was labled with Bella Sora. Well I started a new game on Animal Crossing. I Played all day. I set up a game and made my house huge. It was summer so I woke up early and started the game to play my account. Logged in and Bella Sora BELLA SORA. The music was playing backwards. My Login was gone! I was playing as this "Bella Sora" Who ever that is. My game screached. I popped out the game card. Then I saw the card was dirty. I tried rubbing the dirt off. I could not rub the dirt off. Then strange things started happening. I could'nt feel my toes. My face turned red and I fainted. I blinked twice and awoke in the ER. "Mom where Am I?" I said "Where were you" said Mom "Your game was right next to you when I found you blacked out. I tried to wake you up but you did'nt wake up. Let's go home now and you can rest ." said my mom. Alsas I was home. Again cleaning my game. Then selected Spirit Tracks. BELLA SORA!!!!! That name I tell you it's corrupted. I almost told this to my mom but I was worried that she would take my only game away. So I kept this little secret to myself. Until it was imposable to continue. Don't stop reading my dairy it's not over there is many days left to uncover it gets worse when school starts. I toke meds all week because I was sick with a unknown illness. Well I played with the pan flute in spirit in spirit tracks It sure is fun. Then my Ds glitched out. Man It was scary. THE THING BLEW UP RED!!! The screen flashed different colors. I Blacked out and awoke the in the same hostpital bed at the ER. "Why is this happening again" I said "Where were you?" said my mom "Your game was right next to you when I found you blacked out. I tried to wake you but you didnt wake up Let's go home and you can rest." said my mom with her eyes closed with a open mouth smerk. Happy mask salesman smile! Hey did'nt this happen before yesterday. Yesterday she said the same thing the smile to this reminds me of a old game Majoras mask, No It can't be. this is just crazy not real pinch myself WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP KUROW I can wake up I know I can! "Ughh I must have had a bad side effect." I said. I saw the hostpital braclet It was not a dream, Mom did smerk open mouthed with her eyes closed she did. I was wondering why all this freaky stuff was happening. When I got my game I had a nintendo 64 port version of Majoras Mask I played With my name but it still said I was Bella Sora So I went on and played it. Maybe thats why this is all happening. Should I consult the person who gave me the DsiXL for 10 Dollars?

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Tarichi Fe






December 12, 1998


Gordons Middle School 678

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Art Reading Singing Track and field