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(I´m a French Girl but I speak English,I´ll try,Uu]

(Call me Tee or Heart)

I don´t know what Can I say... >3<

But I know that I LOVE draw,write and invent Story!^D^

Later on I want to become an author-Illustrator!

I´ve already got a deviantART but I´m going to create a new one.

I´ve seen Series are famous at this time. THis is a good new for me!>O<

So... My favourite anime are :Naruto,GTO,Winx(Yes always!!>O<)

I like"Men in Black" the morning in :"France4" I Think... ^^

I´m a Merry Girl,UU!

My favourite French Illustrators are:Diglee,Margot Motin,and Pacco!^D^

On Hatena I´m fan of :Stra.Bambo,Clem and SKYDZ,Their draws are Amazings!

I think I´ve Finish my Desc.

I hope that you´ll like my Flips!^^

See you Soon!^.<