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Hello there my name is altilary its basicly artillary spelled wrong oh well cant change it now. so let me tell you a bit about myself.


Birthday:Oct 4


Now let me tell you what I do on hentena and what I plan to accomplish.

First I plan On making one of those super cool Stick fights like Man vs Machine and Warrior vs Mage you know use sprite heads have epis effects and such, but the problem is I cant think anything like all the good ideas have been taken and so I think and I think until I come up with some ideas.

Now My goals for hatena:

Reach 10,000 and 30 fans stars:not yet

Reach 50,000 and 50 fans stars:not yet

Reach 70,000 100 and fans stars:not yet

Reach 100,000 and 250 fans stars:not yet

Reach 300,000 and 350 fans stars maximum goal:not even close