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Hello Flipnote Hatena! As you can see: My name is Dewwa.

"Is that your real name o3o"

Sure, yeah. That's my real name. Let's go with that. xD

I'm a fan of anime and manga, so expect to see a lot of that from me.

I have a series called Blood... Watch it... Don't report it... Again.

I like making random and weird flips. . . As you can also probably see. :D

I have very few Hatena friends... But those are:

Advance (My Bff) Watch her flips or I'll harm you. >:)

DragonFire is a cool dude! Watch his flips also! :D

Kalon (Forgot the username.. xD)

And another person who's user name I forgot! ...

Well, BAI!

  • Dewwa <3