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Were a bouts: Lost or Unknown.

Hello, the names, Blind, feel free to call me Blindy if you wish.

Here's some stuff about me,

My real name means Blind.

I'm 19

I'm 5'9.5" or 176.53 cm.

I'm a very calm, relaxed person whom, enjoys speaking with people online.

I live in America.

I have a older brother.

My mother is a single parent.

My father died in 2014.

I'm a transgender male.

I go by male pronouns.

I respect people as long as they respect me.

That's all

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________MY cousis twiggy is my-hyper-leprechaun-Irish-hard-dude-who-loves-yo-and-is-harder XD Gahhhhh! were...oh? I'm in my Oh my gosh what was that a....??!!! WHAT THE...?!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! phew...I'm outta there.. :) Scary world you've got there cousis <X''''D OHNOESI'MJUSTKIDDINGILOVEYOUSOMUCHEEEESSS <333333333 Everyone go add she NAOW!!!!!! Why? Becauses she's epicly irish AND! I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!! >:DDDDDDD

My hatena daughter is mina ehem heres what she wanted me to write. Hai!! Bet u'd NEVA Think u'd EVA get a com from ya pankcakeh daughter Did ya? Yush? (no qB) oh Alright... Anehwho. ADD DIS CREATOR! Or a evil pancake Shall come and Eat Ya!!! No De-Faves Allowed! >:U Dats all Bai! ADD HER OR ELSE!

___________________________________________________________________________________ I have numerous trustworthy friends, likeZara✩, Twiggy, Lileeve, Jesichu, and many more, I hold them tightly. I'm there when they need me whenever they need me.


I'm a level-headed, calm, understanding, quiet person who tries their best to be nice. I always try to help my friends out when they're is a problem in their life. I don't usually think about my problems but I do keep them to my self most of the time o-o.



There's too many to count that I'm in.


One of the joyest things I do is Collaborations, why? Well, it's a rather good way to get to know someone and their character, it's a great way to befriend a person and connect with them.

___________________________________________________________________________________My Zodiac is pisces. That's all to it. My birthday falls on the exact day the pisces Zodiav stars begin to a line.


I enjoy multiple genre's of music, if you wish to send me some do so.


Favorite songs:

Full name







Feb 19.

Blood type

A negitive





Place of residence


Place of birth



Drawing, listening to music, hatena, chatting, video games, being on the internet.

Special skills

I dislike fights.



Learning: French, Italian, Norwegian, Korean, and Dutch

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