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Toon Linky

Awesome, Really Awesome, Insanely Awesome, Insane, etc.


Hello there, I am Toon Linky, and I'm hoping to be the very best, like no one ever was! NOT LIKELY! Anyways I like video games and reading and movies and basically anything that doesn't require much effort. My worst enemy? HOMEWORK. Not kidding. I've been on Hatena since August 24th, 2010, when I posted my very first Flipnote. I'd really appreciate it if you checked out some of my friends flipnotes too, most of them are even better than mine! See ya later!

  • TL (That stands for Toon Linky)

My first name is Michael, I'll tell you that much.


Let's just say I'm not allowed in the girls bathroom. Learned that the hard way.


47x13x6x2\611+1 Solve it, and you've got my age.




Wait wut


Earth, or wherever I feel like it.


Video Games, Reading, Creative Writing, Drawing, Homework (Reluctantly), and Watching/Critiquing Movies

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Drawing, Ambidextrous, Double-Jointed



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