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P okay, so I thought I should update this thing, just cause all it said was, Im 14... O.o so anyways, Im Nighteye, I started playing and doing stuff on Hatena when it first started, but it was about a month after I got it that I started looking at some of the online stuff...
3 so I got my bro to let meh use his email so I could post flipnotes, but with that came a price... doing so started up one thing... Anker and Ture... so since I didnt really have much control, my brother made most the flipnotes... granted that I also sucked back then... O.o you know what they say, its not practice that makes perfect... its perfect practice that makes it perfect... anyways, my bro got his own DSi, and took his Email, so I was accountless for a bit... then I made a secret email when I was home alone... but I was away from my friend so long, that i felt sort of... distant... and that I failed them by not telling them why I had to leave for so long... so I sought out new ones... :P and then I met some really good friends, some left, some came, then some came back, and the ones that came went away, then came back yet again... o3o you get the point... so then almost a year since I got my secret Email and account, I started making Nightfall, which was me being sad and bored and on my medicine at the same time cause one of my friends was leaving flipnote... O.o then I happened to get forced into making it go way farther then I really wanted it to be... so anywho, thats pretty much my flipnote life... :P









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