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Well, here goes nothin'. I am a teenage tomboy(Energetic, boisterous girl whose behavior is considered boyish), having blonde hair and blue eyes who loves drawing and other things. My favorite two animals are Wolves and Dragons, though I love every animal. I have to admit, usually I am considered lazy and slacking, because I'm on my video games all the time, but I can't help it. I'm not slacking during school, because even though it is online, it can be a hassle. I get hurt and sick alot, but usually I never notice. I have two older sisters, one in the Navy, the other one being a teacher and a firewoman. I will not reveal where I live, my age, or any personal info, but I will say a few things. I have very low self-esteem, and I mean very low. I'm always walking around the house with my iPod on, doing something. I never usually eat, in fact, I lost seven or more pounds just from not eating alone because I was sick. I'm a hassle, I'm a daredevil sometimes, and I LOVE music(Techno and Rock mostly). My favorite color is black, but I'm not goth or emo like I've been accused of before. I can be a jerk I will admit, but around strangers, I'm quiet and shy. You'd find me in my room on my waterbed playing on my laptop or DSi usually if not playing video games in my living room. I don't draw very good I know, but I'll work to please my friends if I can. As you can see...I'm more of a glum person. I was born that way, I can't help it...I change my Avatar alot, but I may stick with the one I've got now. I'll try my best to draw good and work hard for friends. I'm the person who feels as if all her friends pretend to like her, no matter what they say to convince me otherwise. I take insults as comments because I'm used to them I guess. Lemme just say one thing about where I live: It's a dang desert. I am a Christian, so I dislike taking God's name in vain and cussing just to warn you. I switch subjects rapidly I'm sorry, I can tell I've done that several times, heh. I love Pokemon, and people will insult me for it because it's supposedly a kids thing. Okay, I think I've said enough about myself. Sorry that you had to read all that. -Hazard