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Age- 13

Thats all u need to know bout that right??? anyway im white im in 8th grade and im only 4"10 about :D. lol im a small child. I bought my Dsi with my own money so all u spammers and false reporters and just newby people better not ruin my time at Hatenatopia :D. (u guys see what i did right their i added topia at the end of the word HATENA to make it sound like a world of happyness) *Crickets Crickets* -_- anyone gunna laugh??? XD lol.

2 MY FANZ- i just want to say thanks to all my fans and viewers who Watch,Download,Hate,and add stars to my flipnotes :D.

To my favorite creator, K- Yo man i just want to say thanks for helping me since day one. your the only reason i even have the amount of fans i have right now, which is about 7??? lol anyway you have inspired me so much, and im sorry for pretty much just remaking your flipnotes and making them look bad :D. atleast i did not steal them like most people would right? But really your my inspiration of my flips 99% of the time. ΤΗΛηKΖ. oFTo

My goals

1)10,000 stars

2) 10 fans <3

3) 1 flipnote in popular list :D

4) creator rank 1-1,000 [***]

5) 20,000 stars

6) 50 fans <3

7) creators rank 1-50

8) 100 fans <3

9) haters