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Beutiful Inside And Out.. I luv My Fans U are all Beutiful through My eyes. U guys are amazing!! My Real Name is Kaitlin... I luv using my dsi its like what i do all dayyyy... And to my fans u guys give me the confidence i need... And if u havent READ MY SERIES plz do.. I think there ok, And I drew my characters i didnt Use EDIT ME'S!! Most of the series tht get credidted with color stars also gold, they are stolen work from someone else! THt what ticks me off even if u cant draw, TRY!! I couldnt Draw at first and I did something about it I took art class this year and asked my teacher if she could help. she could and my drawing has improved ever since!! If U just believe u can do it u can! U can do it!! I am also in sixth grade!! Thank u for reading, I appreiciate it, PEACE!!!