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I am just someone with an awesome afro hairstyle. U jelly? I also love monkeys. And they love me. But most importantly, I am Peppy Hare's biggest fan. Nobody can barrel roll as expertly as him. We can only humbly mimic that action by pressing Z or R twice on our N64 controllers. I reccommend music especially from Daft Punk, but also from Pendulum, Deadmau5, and Darude. Just avoid Nyan Cat. Because it will shatter your eardrums with rainbows. Then those rainbows will leak into your brain and explode into paper thin shards that will pierce your skull and extend through your head. Unless you are a miracle person who enjoys that song. You are immune to the painful brain damaging effects. You were given this unique ability by angels with the divine purpose of ending the rainbow massacre of the flying pop tart cat molded from the lowest uncharted sections of the underworld. I also love Tron and I fight for the Users, although I am a User myself. Personally I prefer the air, and foxes should keep their hands off my bread, and pizza cake. Ronald McDonald is a major role model in my life. I live for Ran Ran Ru. I never knew why it was spelled like that, because it sounds like Dan Dan Du.