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Hey Hatena people im Ravenwolf! My old name used to be zombiewolf but someone stole it so i just changed my name. My acctual human name is Emma Cutler:) im 12 years old and i live in Pennsilvania im not gonna say what my address is cuz u know there could be stalker people looking at this sooo... no!

Things i like are wolves,hugs,zombies,creepy things,scary movies,boys,mah bffs,tacos,anything cute and fluffy,italian foods, monsters and demons of any sort,drawing,flipnote studio,vollyball,vocoloid stuff,anime and manga,chibi,cats and dogs,fancy smelling soaps,funny things,the song monster by meg and dia,and my ipod.

ya thats a really long list! but heres a list of things i hate elevators,moustaches,oranges,spiders,annoying people,people who false report and steal flipnotes,bullies,teachers,guys who cheat on you,liars,bugs,and art blocks.

ok since my boyfriend zach is most likely going to read this heres sumthin i would like to say to u,ZACH!!!!! HOW DARE U ENTER MY HATENA WEB PAGE!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! IM COMING TO HUNT U DOWN!!!!!!!AGAIN!!!!!!AND I WILL STEAL ALL UR ICE CREAM!!!!! MUAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!(laugh of insanity)!!!!!!!! but i still wuvs u!!!!!! <33333333333333333333 teehee