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My name is Vera and I'm from Holland. :]

I is 13 and officially the most twisted person in my school and village.

I is talking in 3rd person.

I will apologize for drawing so much girly anime stuffch lately.

Rosa is awesome, just so you know. There's a ghost in her house. She doesn't like ghosts.

  • waitwat.

You should know EVERYONE like, EVERY ONE just writes random stuffles here.

I seem to like writing "stuff" in a weird way.


let's end this as a blog.

mood: EUPHORIC!! I got iceecream OFTo

listening to: The slowly spinnig whatever-they-are things in my computer, now the ticking of the keyboard to TO MUCH DAMN SOUNDS!!! D:

Reading: Letters on le keyboard & what I write.

Watching: letters appearing on the screen. And Shugo Chara..

Playing: No.

Eating: ICECREAM!!!! :D

Drinking: Ice. Icecream came from the freezer yknow. Now the ice melts into watter.