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.eeht ot live fo retsam eht nommuS

Read it outloud.

Now read it again outloud backwards.

Congrats, you've officially cursed your self with a nice little Satanic chant.

Feels good, doesn't it?


I may not like cats, but I can relate to them. I am cold and cruel. Jealous and spiteful. I enjoy the pain of others. I am the cat that killed the butterfly. Do not love me because I do not love you. Give me what I want and stay away, because I will hurt you. But... can you blame me? It is in my nature. I was born this way. I was born a creature of cold calculation. I am not sorry for what I do, for it is not in my nature to apologize or forgive. I bare my fangs. I am a cat.


There is no soul here.

There is no heart.


I'm killing myself because you won't save me.


She'll kill me one day.

She's always there.




Take her eyes away.

They burn.

She judges me.

She's inside me and all around me.

Kill her now.

She'll kill us all.

Kill the girl in the mirror.