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Hello, Grim&Lenny here. I just want to tell you a bit about me so you can understand better:

Those were just some random facts.

Name: Emilee

Age: You guess

Height: Not to sure 5'2, somewhere around there

Looks: Bushy light brown hair. Green eyes. Long torso.

A little bit more:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I don't have any trouble on here making friends, but keeping them is really hard for me. I just can't. I slowly slip away until we never talk anymore. I feel really bad when this happens and I'm sorry for anyone who befriended me before. I hope you understand.

I also have troubles sticking with RPs and stuff like that. I lose motivation fast and am very lazy. I'm not to sure what's wrong with me but whatever it is I apologize.

The Crew:

You'll probably see some characters that I haven't mentioned before. Some characters just appear in one flip then they're suddenly gone. Idk, honestly I'm just lazy :P Also I sometimes put characters in my flips that belong to my friend Gambit. She gave me permission to do that whenever I want so please don't say I'm stealing her charries cause I'm not.