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Hey there~! My names EagleFur. I am also known as: WolfTalon, WolfWind, and MetalFrost. Though my full name is: Charmaine Justine Lyon Mackenzie-Toussaint. I am 15 years old, and I go to Windermere secondary. I am in the 10th grade. I have many interests, and likes. I am talkative, happy, and tough kinda girl and I am always ready for a challenge! I am quite caring for my family and friends, and I will never let any one of them get hurt. I am an imaginative, and creative thinker, and an artist. If you wish it, you can request a drawing that is dedicated to you...as long as its a cat~! Thats what I draw; Cats. Gotta problem with that~? Well... you shouldn't...You would make a *huge* mistake...

I have the knowledge of stealth, I always consider the shadows... a friend. For example, I use the shadows to cover my presence, to see the enemy, but i am not seen. I consider the Wolf's personality traits are also my traits. I never give up easily, and I always try my best in my work, writing, and... well, art of course~!



TV Shows liked Pokemon / InuYasha / The Waliking Dead / Naruto