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Hello everyone, welcome to my creator's room=D, i signed up on the 28th of feb 2011.


What i'm working on:

currently NOTHING!!


Hello everyone,i'm a sprite animator and i create cool picture's of my favourite video game character's:D

i've been around hatena for quite some time.

i don't post flipnote's very actively because,i typically make large flipnotes.

but please do be patient...thank's.

i like adding lot's of stars to amazing flipnote's.i don't feel comfortable adding stars on my computer(for some unknown reason).however,i still do.


hatena goals:

receive 100000 star's (complete)

receive 200000 star's (complete)

receive 300000 star's (complete)

receive 400000 star's (complete)

receive 500000 star's (complete)

receive 600000 star's (complete)

receive 1000000 star's (incomplete)

get 100 fans (complete)

get 200 fans (complete)

get 300 fans (complete)

get 400 fans (complete)

get 500 fans (complete)

get 600 fans (complete)

get 700 fans (complete)

get 800 fans (complete)

get 900 fans (complete)

get 1000 fans (incomplete)

get a bronze medal(complete)

get a sliver medal(incomplete)

get a gold medal(incomplete)

boy that's a lot of goals i've got! but i won't give up>:)


WiiDude FAQ~

1~when a person replys to you do you reply to them back?

yes i do comment back to them.

2~have you viewed lot's of flipnote's?

sure,i've viewed OVER 9000!!!!! joke,i viewed over 1000 flipnote's

3~do you accept requests?

sure!as long as it's not requests like"draw me an icon" or,add me to your favourite list.however i do enter icon competition's(rarely)if your flip's impress me then it's likely i'll fav you.

4~what console do you play most of the time?

it's so obvious...it's my nintendo 3DS.=p

5~who's your most favourite creator?

my most favourite creator is $Ron4ld$:DD(from the america region)he's AWESOME!! you've gotta watch he's flips,cause he's flips are AWESOME!!you wont regret it!

6~how do you feel about false reporter's,star begger's and scamer's?

very ANNOYING!!some people false report others just for one green star!?some people make scams just so there can get a few stars!?some people star begg because their in it for the stars!?all this is just MESSED UP!!

7~are you scared of the enemys in mario's world?

no...accept one..."BOOOOO'S"!!those round white ballons that can float with teeth...creeEEPY.

8~what's your favourite colour?


9~what country do you come from?


10~do you think you'll get popular?

yes i do think so and i'm very close!!:D

11~is your channel popular?

not yet=P

12~what's your highest rank?

i think it's 1st or 2nd.i'm sure it's 2nd place but...

13~can you peform a summersault?

no i can't.

14~have you ever thought that you'll get this far on flipnote hatena?

i thought i might get this far but...not that faaar!XD

15~what's your favourite shows?

Regular Show and Adventure Time.>:D


thank's for reading:)