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^^ I am called JessyChan, but I prefer to be called Jessy or Jess. But you may address me as JessyChan on flipnotes! I'd like that. ♥ Only some people call me Sage or Sagey after my old OC Sagestar. Rarely does anyone call me Mint or Minty any more after my oldest OC on here, Mintleaf/Mintvine.

I joined Hatena on December 2nd, 2009. :) I've watched a lot of creators come and go.

I know 4 ppl IRL that are on here: aShLeY (my RL cousin), Madz (one of my RL friends), GhostGuy (a friend from my homeschool group), and PurP (my pal from my sports league and homeschool group, also my "mom" <inside joke>).

:D I LOVE cartoons and anime. I have 2 OC's by the names of MooCat and ScarfKitty and, me not knowing why, they are very loved by a lot of people. XD LOL