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my DA:Luna1315


thats it now info about me well im gonna do Q's and A's first then if i want 2 ill give more info

Q:how old r u?


Q:how do draw so well?

A:practice makes perfect

Q:r u a male or female?

A:female u idiot!

Q:do u use glasses?

A:yes i need to wear them like 24/7

Q:r u taken?

A:not answering that

Q:how do draw sooo well on the a laptop?

A:i use a tablet well not all the time i might use a mouse but i do not use a touchpad its 2 hard

Q:so who inspired u?

A:bosS,8-Bit and gizmo i think thats it but BosS manly

Q:do u multi task?

A:i guess u could say that


A:drawing,making pixel art,making free icons on DA,playng video games,stalking peps on DA,being random and watching Hetalia subbed vids


A:i can be really easy 2 depress,really random,runs out ideas 2 easy,has writers block a lot,funny and i can be nice yet mean at the same time

Q:ur goal here?

A:im not sure yet

Q:do have youtube or DA?

A:yes i do i haz both


WildStar39 for youtube and Luna1315 for DA

Q:whens ur bd


Q:r we done?