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sorry about me stopping posting flipnotes guys :/ i had no idea my internet wasnt gunnaa allow me to go on my dsi anymore or i would probly still be making flipnotes today! you can still comment on my flipnotes and ill most likely write back.

Youtube account: Witheredful

Facebook: ask me and i might tell you :P

If anyone plays combat arms my ign is PikaPuu

and only because everyone else does this imma put a super long list of most of my friends on hatena :3 sorry if i forget you lol its been sooooooooooo long for most of you!

William-the funny awesome one :D

Blushes-a good friend thats also funny!

strng-just an epic person xD

SennaChan-my first friend on hatena

AustinG-one of my first friends thats also really funny

Wizard-my pal thats great at stickfights!

Melissa-lol shes just cool

iron-idk what he is :D

daichi-he said hi to me

kingj-dang man D: you quit a while ago but you were such a cool person...

Scribz-one of my good friends on hatena :)

Prolly-hes a follower :P

Pokefan-shes one of the nicest people i know :O

sacuL-baby come back!

protonick-old pokemon friend :P

Negima-someone i liked to chat with!

Kevin-lmao we have to much in common

Seig-:P i still know you...hehehe

kami-omg!! muffin buddy!!! :D

Namine-shes fkin legit!

secille-one of my first friends too :P

X-boss at stickfights and surprisingly nice!

Dest-uh you were cool

dShark-my stick fight buddy :)

sheer-wtf happend to you man xD

porter- one word :3 oinkster

fwiller-idk but i just liked this dude

zion-a really strange person i was friends wtih xD

dausername - lololololololfailtroll:)

Advent-Infinity = epic series ;D

Chelsy&annie- good friends ill still know :P