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I am the master of all things Pokemon ^3^ My favorite episode is Go West, Young Meowth, followed by Ignorance is Blissey. I ship Red and Green (OTP), and Ash and Misty.

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Ash Pallet Ketchum

I am the master of all things Pokemon ^3^ My favorite episode is Go West, Young Meowth, followed by Ignorance is Blissey. I ship Red and Green (OTP), and Ash and Misty.

Self introduction

Hello! Computer users: I might show up as ShKetchu due to failure in loading symbols. Please note that my name is AshKetchum (Ash Ketchum, from Pokemon).

You can call me Ash, Katie (irl name), Red (from Pokemon manga and games), Wolfshine, Bubblebeam (OC), Rosebud (OC), or Blue (OC).

Things I like:


Originalshipping (OTP teWet)




My Little Pony (all generations except G3.5) (My favorite is G4/FiM)


Yellowfang and other Warriors

I am over Warriors, but I still like the characters. Yellowfang, Bluestar, Scourge, Cinderpelt, Swiftpaw, Onewhisker/star, Tallstar, Fireheart/star, Graystripe, Brightheart, etc., etc. I love most of them, but I h@te Tigerstar with a passion. He and his dogs k!lled lots of cool characters.

Things I don't like:

Thieves and other n00bs

Illogical people

People in general, socializing

Censorship :/

People who don't give something a chance before talking down to it

Directioners/One Direction

Fanfics in general

R34 (though I've learned to laugh at it)

Justin Bieber

Big Time Rush

Yuri pairings

Coldcoffeeshipping (Ash's rival [idk name .A. The one from Sinnoh] X Barry)

Most shipping in general, but I like certain ones

Contact me:


Profile name- Rainbow Dashie

Username- rainbow-dashie-52 (

Profile picture- A pink-ish pony (FiM style) with black hair, wearing a blue hoodie (see my Rosebud OC ref)

Email: (Blue does not love Austin anymore, btw)

YouTube: Pikachurulzomg (I never use it, but I'm making a funny video)

If you want more info on me, just ask! I will not answer stuff I find too personal though~


5,000 stars [x]

10,000 stars [x]

20,000 stars [ ]

50,000 stars [ ]

100,000 stars [ ]

Be in MP at least once [ ]

20 fans [x]

50 fans [x]

100 fans [x]

500 fans [ ]

100 Flips [x]

500 Flips [ ]

Comment from someone I've faved [x]

Comment from someone popular [x]

Please note that on 7/15/12 I deleted 200 Flipnotes, losing a few thousand stars and views, and a few hundred comments. This got rid of some of my goals that I had already accomplished.

Friend Codes:

3DS: 5198-2681-5666

Tell me your FC if you want to add me. I love doing Swapnotes.

Pokemon wifi is not working due to me having WPA/WPA2 protection. Sorry. My dad will not allow us to change it to WEP.

Feel free to advertise your series, stories, etc. to me! I love good series, stories, and music videos. Please no edit me series, and nothing that falls under stuff I don't like, though (besides censorship, this IS Hatena, of course).

Yes my OTP is yaoi please deal with it.

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October 13



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Place of birth



Drawing, Writing, Making/Watching Flips, Reading, Coloring, Baking, Cooking, Watching TV and Movies, Using the Computer, Playing Video Games, Listening to Music, Making/Watching Videos.

Special skills

Drawing, Meatwad Voice, Meatwad Laugh, Stop Motion, Animation, Videography, Gaming, Imitations, Photography.


Sganlish, English, American English, Frenglish, Spanish, French, Ojibwe.

YouTube Pikachurulzomg


Vehicles liked Ford / Toyota / Chevrolet / Rav 4
Drinks liked Milk / Shakes / Chocolate Milk / Ginger Ale / Cola / Sprite / Root Beer / Smoothies
Food liked Melon / Pineapple / Turkey / Potatoes (fried, mashed, baked, etc.) / Broccoli :] / Popsicles / Yogurt / Ice Cream / Beef / Strawberries / Pizza / Chicken / Beans
Music liked "This Day Aria" / Black Eyed Peas / The Beatles / "Welcome to My Life" / MLP Music / "Eleanor Rigby" / "Here" / "Hello Goodbye" / "Fergalicious" / "Shut Up" / "Pump up the Jam" / Fergie
Web services liked Yahoo / Hatena / Gmail / Hatena Haiku / Google / Yahoo Mail / Blogger
Actors/Actresses liked Hugo Weaving / Tara Strong
Books liked Hunger Games / Homeward Bound / Stellaluna / Percy Jackson / Diary of a Wimpy Kid / Pinduli / Harry Potter / Sheep
Sports liked "Hand tennis" / Tennis / Softball / Baseball / Basketball / Soccer / Jogging / Swimming
Animals liked Cat / Dog / Wolf
Characters liked Princess Celestia / Hermoine Granger / Green / Butch / Giovanni / Applejack / Scootaloo / Blue / Severus Snape / Applebloom / Fluttershy / Lord Voldemort / Cilan / Iris / Yellow / Rarity / Jessie / Twilight Sparkle / Big Macintosh / Princess Luna / Princess Cadence / Derpy Hooves / Meowth / Ash Ketchum / Pinkie Pie / Sweetie Belle / Red / Misty "Kasumi" / Rainbow Dash / Brock / Queen Chrysalis / Cassidy / May / James
Movies liked 2012 / Pokemon: The First Movie / Pokemon Heroes / Homeward Bound / 102 Dalmations / Bolt / Pokemon 4ever / Homeward Bound 2 / Fox and the Hound 2 / Pokemon 3 / Pokemon 2000 / Harry Potter / Homeward Bound 2 / Jirachi Wishmaker / Destiny Deoxys / Lady and the Tramp 2 / Independence Day / 101 Dalmations 2 / 101 Dalmations / Hunger Games / The Incredibles / The Day After Tomorrow / Percy Jackson / Lady and the Tramp / My Little Pony: The Movie / Fox and the Hound / The South Park Movie