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YO! (\(^-^)/)

the names Wolfy640.(>.> not gonna say my real name) anyways.Im 15.i live in a place called not gonna say my gender, its fun seeing ppl try 2 guess and usually get it wrong.(it entertains me)i LOVE drawin WOLVES and anime.Anything that ever happens...u should blame the juice in the fridge.blame the government.Ur favorite tv show aint on.blame the a boss. well. im finally getting noticed a bit. >.> but now my r button isnt workin gotta use the L button. once this DSI is broken, im out of hatena...since this is my 4th dsi >.>"...yea..oh well. THX 4 ALL THE SUPPORT (\(^-^)/) and if i have a hater or haters. UR WELCOME. ^-^


have 50 fans [X]

have 100 fans [X]

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get all my fans back [ ]

flipnote citizan [X] (thats the sophisticated way 2 spell it)

>.>.....and now im bored...