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Twitch is going to be taken away! No one even chose to help the old Pikachu. They all knew he was insane anyway. The Onlooker of all the fuss was Dee, who grimaced at the sound of te agonized screams as Twitch stabbed them to get free. Soon, he gave up when his left paw fell off again, and allowed himself to be restrained.

"D@mn." Dee thought to herself. "He was our best resource..."

Soon, she walked forward and put herself between the rest of the task force. To their shock, she picked up the hand of Twitch, and slowly came over to him. He was wary at first, but then he accepted her presance, and allowed her, to sew it back in place very delicatly.

He moved it a few times, and it worked perfectly again, and Dee slowly embraced the shiny pikachu. Crusifix onlooked the ordeal, understanding everything that was going on, when something caught his eye, though he refused to alert Dee of what he saw.

"WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THS DEE!?" Eue shouted, enraged at this act of kindness towards someone who had just stabbed him multiple times.

"As leader of the task force..." Dee whispered. "I demamd that we let my father stay, and I shall look after him."

Everyone stared at Dee, as an arkward silence fell across the room.


I'm a girl... :1


I is 13


27/8. I bet you love that date. If you Love it so much why don't you marry it? WELL I WON'T LET YOU!

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The pokemon daycare.


K!lling people

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K!lling People


English, Japanese, and Indonesian