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Real Name: Darien James Evans (Also my artist name)

Age: 15

Birthday: September 21

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Email: djevans1996@gmail.com

Skype: darien.james.evans (or DJEvans)

deviantART: GarudaSoul ( http://garudasoul.deviantart.com/ )

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001300615661 (I don't care if you send me an invite)

About Me

Hi, my name is Darien, I'm a sophomore now; I'm also enrolled in the art program at my school. I have quite a few experiences in a few art categories; though I don't draw as much as I should. I love free art and mixed media art, I get to show what truly show what my ideas really are with no limits.

I'm usually mellow and easy-going, but I'm angered with unfairness, (only a specific unfairness). I get along with almost everyone.

Music Choice

I love any type of music, and I listen to anything that sounds good to me. I also try to pick the best songs that best match my flipnotes. I always try to let you all know the names of the songs, artists, and, if I can find it, the album names.


I'm inspired by my old art teacher from last year, and friends (real life friends). I get many ideas from my dreams, and music. I have many great ideas, it's just that I can draw them in my image.

I learn new art styles and techniques by drawing and studying other artists.

What I like to do

I like to draw, but i also love too play music on the side, and write stories. I'm really want to learn the guitar, and piano for fun, but I can't find a teacher who isn't still learning how to play the instruments, sadly. I write stories on the side and enjoy adding my own ideas onto my friend's stories after I get permission. I get my story ideas from my many weird dreams that I have. Writing stories is probably the best thing I can do, other than drawing, I can explain things with distinct details instead of trying to draw it.

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Writing, drawing


American English, and Spanish