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Sawdust K9 here! That is, here we've got a wolf artist and animator! I also like to draw and animate otters occasionally. Other animals I like include dogs, tigers, and kangaroos. Flipnotes I like to post: AMV's, Speed draws, and sometimes short animations. I love entering contests, too, so if you want me to enter yours, post it on my channel, Sawdust K9's Channel! If you don't know me, please check out some of my flips and AMV's! I am constantly improving my drawing and animating skills. I dare you to look back at my older flips and see how bad they were compared to now, and see the improvement. I am very glad to be here and have been posting since January, 2011. I have made it very far and am proud of myself for earning so much appreciation, fans, and friends. Please view my new series, "The Legends of the Great Winged Wolves!" ...List time!



  • Tremor
  • Clay
  • Terra
  • Thunder Cloud
  • Night
  • Day
  • Hurricane
  • Summer
  • Thicket

See the flip "Yellow K9's Chars" for details.

A list of my friends:

  • Insomniac
  • SantaPaws/BeachWolf
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Ivy
  • PeaceWolf
  • LunerPup
  • XNeonWolfX
  • LunarDino
  • Byrdwolf
  • Minionwolf
  • NightWolf
  • HorrorPunk
  • G-Dog
  • Black Nova
  • Gypsy
  • Akita*Wolf
  • Jinx
  • B-Wolf
  • WolfVid
  • MJ4ever
  • DreamFire
  • BlackStar
  • Starr*Wolf
  • Timber Call
  • Nightmare
  • Webcasey
  • Waterwolf

Sorry if I left someone out. Achievements:

My Channels:

  • Yellow K9's Channel
  • Wolves N' Things
  • Tigers and Other Felines

Please post there!

Top favorite Bands:

1. Keane

2. My Chemical Romance

3. Snow Patrol

4. The Killers

5. Coldplay

6. Florence and the Machine

7. Paramore

8. Linkin Park

9. Safetysuit

10. The Script

I live for music.


Band: Keane

Music genre: Alternative

Animal: Wolf

Food: Mozzerella sticks

Color: Scarlet and Gray

OC's: Sawdust, Chemo, Wildfire.

Song: The Starting Line -Keane

I think that's all... Thanks for reading this! As I continue to make flips, please continue to watch and enjoy!

The One and Only,

~Sawdust K9

Last Updated: 7/31/12