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Hello hatena users Im Ban0n my ID is YoYomasta. I enjoy making flipnotes and I loooove chat rooms. If you ever want or need to talk to me just look at the flipnote intitled Very Old Chat witha n arrow pointing down. Ill be there most of the day. If for some reasonn Im not there and you need to contact me leave me a comment on my chatroom flipote Intitled Chatroom. Once I see your comment I will look for you in Very Old Chat. If for some reason your not there leave another comment for me and wait a the same chat Very Old Chat. Okay thats pretty much it. Now a couplke shout outs to my closest flipnote user friends:




Dark Angel

karatu ( sry if I spell it wrong joey lolz)


Invdr Zora


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my best friend here on hatena,

Invdr Cora.

She is the best hatena friend eny one could have. Look at her flips she is an amazing artist and is a good chatter. P.S. wanna continue our endless RP? loloz.


Thank you guys for the amazing oppertunity to share our art work with the world. Aaron at weekly news, thank you for taking time out of your day togive us the update on new additions or changes made in the flipnote hatena site. without you so many things wouldnt be here on hatena.

Iunderstand that all of you guys are at work and shouldnt be desturbed and will not see this but I want to thank you enyways for this amazing site and all the fun memories created here. This site is one of the reasons I get on my DSi in the morning and have a good time as Im waking up. So I just want to say thank you

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