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sup people I'm know as zerohero but the name is Kotaro Brown my age 12 quite skill at basic art yes my last name is the color brown b.r.o.w.n anyway i use to have a dsi. with me, my dsi and flipnote we had lot's of fun animating perhaps i spelled it wrong but i had a bunch of fun now guys listen if you new and looking at this don't steal, beg, or anything now if you're gonna post something that was originally made from someone else you gotta change it by 50 percent or more or you will be reported witch mean uh-oh spagetti-o's your in deep toop. you will react in serious swearing or yeah don't wanna say it just kidding but just be careful i got a lot of stars i really wanted a blue an purple star but i never did got one... now some Q and A's

Q: hey zero you boy or yah girl

A: ... boy no girl no no no boy... give me a hard Question aye lol i'm a boy

Q: how old are you

A: i told dah you twelveahhhh

Q: middle name

A: makalii it's hawaiian it the cluster of star also know as aka aka seven sisters god why do i got seven sisters in my name

Q: where you live

A: hawaii, big island, puna, hpp, paradise, 3 ave, 3rd house to the right lol

Q: where in that area

A: -sigh-

Q: what time is it there

A: idfk ›:(

Q: love anyone

A: yes lovely rose

Q: cool

A: ...

Q: well uh

A: good night

Q: wait

A: what

Q: what do you think of this interview

A: painful god-awful horrible i-i mean cool wow amazing it amazingly made me angry i m-mean happy yeah yeah bye good night