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Update: Okay i just joined deviantart a moment ago and wanted u to see my art so my name is Crystal-W0lf!!!! Okay?

Buh bye!!!

Info about meee!!!!!

Hello my name is Alivia. I joined flipnote hentena about 10 months ago and loved every minute of it!(except for the haters though) I' ve always loved shadow the hedgehog and realy hate sonic but oh well. Okay i admit i love silver too but shadow is #1. I also like the song till the world ends by britney spears and i am so energetic all the time.!!! lol

My favorite video: fossil fighters or pokemon!

My main character: crystal is a queen in a far away land. She is very nice and generous.

I LOVE THE SUPPORT EVERY ONE HAS GIVEN ME! My bff swift Star is one of my biggest supporters.LOVE U ALL!!!

Age: 13

Name: Alivia

Favorite color: red and black

Best buddehs: Oceaniamari,snowlink,DevistatingArtist, scribblez<3, swift star, furnomelon,unknown and shorty, ebony, iceinferno,Sapphire TH!!!

Favorite food: Pancakes (thats right haters of pancakes O3o)

Two favorite Buddeh OCs: SilverFang and Hank

My OCs--

Crystal the wOlf-

17, single

Sabrena the robojackel-


Eternity the hedgiwolf-


Victorian the victory wolf (duh)-


Jake the jackel-


Lunar the wolf-


Galaxy the hedgehog-


Solar the wolf(yes im abbsest with wolves)-


SuperNova(galaxys ice form)-

16,single(not 4 long)

Saber the mechianichog-


Shrader the hedgehog-


Shadow the hedgehog(my future version)-


Cassidy the bat-


Well thats all for now!!

  • FellwOlf
  • Crystal wOlf
  • Alivia<3


Saber-U know it's kind of hard being in love with a guardian of a planet! Poop! Lolz!! I wuv u twister! (belongs to sweet star)

Crystal-Victorian u stole my future boy friend!! U meany butt face!!! #(

I ll get u daughter of a bisket!!!

Victorian-No i did not! I won him fair and square! So beat it! Plez...

Eternity- Ugg.… so much girl drama! I m glad i m not like that!

Saber- *slaps eternity* ……

Eternity-……whaaaaaa! wtfrenchtOast! Whats wrong w/you!

Cassidy- watching both boys… hey girls come watch the sissy fight!

Crystal & victorian stop fighting… OK!!!!

Me- WOW and i thought i had issues!! Oh well!!



Jake- Alivia i fell sorry for both u and me..... Well see yah! I got to go see my girlfriend Hannah(gummiXL)

Sabrena-Oh wEll i guEss we'Ll hAve 2 deaL wiTh thEm l8ter! I haVe 2go gEt soMe of My parTs fiXed!

Galaxy- *staring off in to space* …… i want a peice of pie……

Me- god i live with a bunch of idiots!!!!!! 8/

BYE!!!!!! Last updated: 6-6-12