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well hello there;)).

it's me, Zoe, naturally awesome as usual. <<< that was sarcasm, don't worry;p.

my likes: •CHEESE, and every type of it. seriously

•manga and anime<3 although I can't really do it on DSi, which is a shame;p.

•singing and dancing, but NOT in front of people, clearly:L

•violent games;DD because I'm disturbed like that.

•MCR. IT RULES MY WORLD. I have t-shirts, poster, keyrings, CD's, to show deep lurvee for the music, and Gerard Way. he's rather gorgous:$.

• other bands- FOB, Paramore, BFMV, Escape the Fate, Vampire Weekend oFT<

tv wise- F.R.I.E.N.D.S, waterloo road, Glee, my name is earl, South Park, and all the comedy sturrrfff.

all the awesome people on Hatena, who I cba to name, but yeah o3o.

so yeahh,luff choo all, PEEEACEE:D.