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i got a 3ds,so i wont be on until it comes on the 3ds.(P.S,I also have my own Channel! if you wanna be a Sub-Admin,let me know by commenting me. :3)

List Of Banned People From Commenting On My Flips:(LOBPFCOMF)

Wowowowo2:For Rudely Commenting on my first flip i posted on May.

and that is all.


Spamming:1 Week Block

Insulting me/other people:Report

Cussing:1 Month Block and Report

Selling/Promoting Hacking Tools:1 Year Block

Putting Links to bad programs/Harms to PCs:INTERNAL BLOCK!

Showing adult content/R-rated stuff:Report

Vilonce:3 month Block

Cyberbullying:Internal block

these rules will apply FOREVER.

Break ANY rules,and that rule breaker will not be treated lightly.