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Profile redo! >:P

Hey! Welcome to my profile! My name is @qu@dmin, but you can just call me @dmin, @qua, or even just @d.

Things you should know about me...

I'm a girl! (everyone thinks I'm a boy o-o)

I'm 14 years old :P

If I see you doing something unl@wful, I will get into a LONG f!ght with you (I can't stand injustice)

I live in the b0ring state of connec.tic.ut

I like being outdoors and making flips :P

Yup that's it XP

Here's a list of mai friends with their nicknames! :D

Agent S

Latelsoup (ls)

Mr.Cookie (mr)

ACPsoldier (acp)

Samuel (Sam)

Tsquare (ts) fabo >:U

Yoshi 07 (yosh bro) *

Liquaza (quaza)

Shay @tmos (Shay)

Ultimatum (ulta)

Wing (wingbert bro) *

Junired (juni bro) *


Blueflare (bflare)

Darkwinter (dw)

Brawler610 (brawleh)


Dragonite16 (dragon)


Splashbay (bay)

Nice2meatU (meat)


Lillian (German sis :D)*

Blue rose (br)



Dj bob


Mac (apple sis) *


Fungus cat (fung fu) XD

pikachu<3mj (pika bud)



I know I'm forgetting ppl just tell me if I forgot u! :P

= they r part of my cyber family

If you want to be my friend just ask! I like friends XP

But note that it takes sometime for me to get to know you. I only put my good friends in flips. So don't go begging "@ddmmmmiiiiiinnnnnn!!!!!! Why am I not in your flips I asked to be friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll just defave u if u do that XD

I do take watching requests, but not fav/star/apperence in flips/etc requests.

My OC is @dmin the wynaut (that little blue thing with a necklace)

If you want to put me in a flip, go ahead! It makes me happy to see when ppl put me in flips! ^^

Also, like most of hatena, I like video games lol. I'm not add!cted like some ppl though -_-

I love the old nintendo. I loved Mario kart double dash, the old pokemon games, and basically all of the gamecube, nintendo64, gameboy color, and gba games. Idk WHAT the new creators were thinking with the gen 5 pkmn. Of course, there's always ugly pkmn with each region, but I mean come on. Klinklank? All of the fakemon on hatena are better then them. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gens were my favs. This is my opinion; if u wanna argue with me go ahead. I love argueing lol XD

So yup I'll probably update this soon kthnxbai! -@