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KKK hi, meh name is Sokko. I hope you like my flips and I hope 2 reach 700-1000 fans before christmas of 2011. ^^ Well ppl have been refering to me as a popular creator, sooooooo i guess i am one! >:P lol but not a famous one yet. But sadly i will be moving 2 flipnote meme, maybe, before Febuaray 2012. :( So now lets get started!!!!!:

Lolz i`ve had my dsi for a year now but just finally felt like signing up for flipnote hatena.I also have some goals for the rest of this year(i dont expect for all of them to be met):

Reach 50 fans:goal reached

Reach 100 fans:goal reached

Reach 250 fans:reached

Reach 500 fans:reached

Reach 750+ fans:reached

Get 1 flip in most popular: reached

Get 2 flips in most popular: reached

Get 3 flips in most popular:reached

Get 4+ flips in most popular: reached

Recieve a green star: reached

Recieve a red star: reached

Recieve a blue star: reached

Recieve a purple star: not reached Get 1,000 gold stars:reached

Get 10,000 gold stars: reached

Get 20,000 gold stars: reached

Get 50,000 gold stars: reached

Get 100,000 gold stars:reached

Get 500,000 gold stars:reached

Get 1,000,000+ gold stars:


Get a comment from a famous creator: ODD BUT I ACHIEVED THIS ONE TOO!!!(thx McBoo, and everyone else!)

Get faved from famous creator:

achieved (Squirt, McBoo, Supr Dee, Supr Kid, and more)

Get 10,000 views: goal reached

Get 20,000 views: goal reached

Get 40,000 views: goal reached

Get 100,000 views: goal reached

Get 1,000,000 views: not reached

Get 2,000,000+ views: not reached

Most important goals:


Become a master animator: Almost there :T

Become a popular creator: YES! lol gasp i cant believe it! 800 fans in less than 5 months! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!! :D

Become a famous creator: NOT even close <:O

Well dat all of the goals i wish to achieve right now.....

And thx to everyone who`s helped me achieve these goals!!!

~Sokko TM