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Hey People!

I'm Alice, I have 13 years old >u< Soon 14-

Soo... Hope you like my flips!

Actually I'm not making flipnotes in this account, because I sell my old Dsi XL to buy 3Ds. So, I'll come back with the same name when Flipnote Memo (3ds one) come out :D

Meanwhile, I will be making some drawings (Maybe animations) on my sister account :) You know, my sister is Sara :3

So, the flips I was working for on my old Ds were erased because of the Sd card error we had...

Samheins crop, Tagged, B.I.W pv, request...

I fell so bad for that D: Sorry for that ppl who was waiting for Samheins crop and stuff, I dont know If I will remake it...:/

So, My DA name is Seheia, but Im not too active in it XD

Well, Thanks you all for your support, see ya! <3

Actualizated on 15/9/11 (One day for school agaiiin T_T)