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Hi there! I'm Wilfy! Here's a little bit about me.

I LOVE video games especially Pokemon, Drawn to Life, Mario, Super Smash Bros. Series, and pretty much anything Nintendo related. Unless you count Okami and Okamiden(those are Capcom//shot) ahem anyways if anyone wonders about my name it's a nickname technically that turned into a full time hatena username. It originally was WilfreEevee because of my love of Wilfre(Drawn To Life 5th Cell) and Eevees(Pokemon GameFreak)but Wilfy is also the name of a cat that you see most of the time, she has gems on her head and collar and she has wings, she's so spwecial to me. ;w; lol why am i so detailish? oh so anyways i guess you could call me famous, but i definatly want to be on mp one day. I love making MVs they're really fun, and you know, i love music (Who doesn't?).I appreciate all of my fans i gained them over the span of the two years i've been here. I'm mostly a animal drawer,but i'm not so bad at humans anymore. What you really see most of the time is the raposa from Drawn to Life, they're so freakin epic :D. I'm 14 years old, a girl, and i really hope you're not shy around me. I'm not sure if i have anyone lurking around my page, but if you are don't be afraid to ask if you want to be friends! I'd never say no unless i know you're a mean person, but seriously i'd doubt that anyone who asks to be friends is. There's also something i want you to know.... i talk alot//shot 1000 times. Ok here are my characters(friend's characters don't count here these are all mine)

Wilfy- very friendly and cheerful cat, she also has a human form, but i don't draw it much, maybe i should...-skipping my pointless thoughts-...princess of the fictional sky kingdom that she lives in, but she seriously doesn't act like a princess, XD she's cool.

Wilfre- well he's not mine but i draw him like he is lol he's a grey haired raposa with a ponytail,he's hot ;=;....XDDDnuffsaid.

Lane- she's my heroine from drawn to life she hates Wilfre unbelievably so. She's a raposa and an expert with guns.

Jake- Lane's brother nuff said XD eh not really... he doesn't hate Wilfre like Lane does. He loves stars too they're all over his clothes and he's even got one of those little curls in the shape of one XD.Expert with swords.

Crusade- he's a cat with black ears, paws, and the beginning of his tail, which is a huge mouth with intelligence XD, he loves Wilfy so much it drives him insane sometimes,but Wilfy doesn't really notice him much XDDD. But considering what might be the outcome with the war between Chey and me for Wilfre... i might just make them an offical couple XD. oh btw Cheylouwho is an epic creator! you should look her up! But more about that in the friend section..

Alli- she represents meh :D so you know she's epic //shot for the 3rd time in this XD. She's got brown frizzy,curly hair and she's got glasses. Also long ears with three tips at the end of them. She's pretty cool i think, but maybe that's because she represents me...//dodges bullet. HAH not this time!

Chet- lonely, but adorable (i think) cat. He's white but has some patches of grey fur and a necklace with a red gem. I'm not going all up into his past or anything... you'd all shoot yourselves in the head to stop reading this if i did or totally explode, whichever comes first...//gets hit by a bus. OW....

Those are the main characters right now but i have so many more.

Friend Sectionnnnnnn~ For all the people i know >W<.

CodeRed- well she's not exactly on here anymore.. but she was my first friend on here,we had alot in common...i miss her alot. She's a way better artist than i'll ever be.

Lily101- Hehe she's my second best friend on here, she may not be as obsessed with DTL as i am but she truly gets me and she's really epic. She's an amazing artist! She is really modest. You know what Lily? You don't give yourself enough credit! Rarw!

Cheylouwho- recent friend on here she's been really awesome for the short time i've known her. And she's just as obsessed as i am with DTL so rock on Wilfre fangirl! dB<

Baki- aw.. she's like a role model to me, but to my dismay and sadness.. she has cancer, i just really hope she's not in too much pain. and i hope she makes it. She's super amazing look er up and offer some comfort... NAOW.

J-rod-hehe don't think i forgot you girl! She's epic too, heck pretty much anyone i mention on here is epic beyond belief! I like her creepy sense of humor it's not always creepy though. dB

Ella- didn't forget you either. you're amazing don't ever forget that! i saw that quit flip and i pay attention to all your flips and they're all awesome! Don't forget that either! Glad you stayed too :)

Grey- hehe you chocolate theif! XD he's super weird and super funny that's what makes him epic. nuff said.

Kaye-we're not that close are we? oh well you're epic too and i still consider you a friend.

Zoruu&Co- hey don't ever think i forget you you're epic and have a ton of potential! You'll be on mp before you know it.

Poncho- oh yeah! It was so fun meeting you dB< and i'm glad i inspired you, you gotz potential lady no matter what any jerk says. You know those are haters! They're a part of being famous! They're sooo jelous XD.

Willz-yo dude you're epic with stick figs and fun to chat with.

Kitty- epic artist.:D fun to chat with and very nice.

June- how dare you deny that you're a professional artist! Rarw you won't ever win that war with me. XD epic person all in all.

CrunchStar- you're soo fun and weird. and continue the freaken RP! XD jk. Take yo time you're not even out of school yet. June 16, go fo it!

Mew- the part i like about you is Rping with you. Pokemon foevah!

Eevee- Eevees Unite! You're freaking epic dude don't foget it! We're epic Eevee buddies :P.

Jillian- i wish you'd come on more :( guess i could always text you though. (Btw i don't give my number away i know her in real life) she's an epic epic epic artist she motivated me half teh time :P.

Pokewolf- you're so cool XD i envy your artwork seriously! and you're super nice.

Hmm... if i missed anyone i'm so sorry :(. I'm not thinking straight at 12:00a.m. XDDDD.

My hands hurt from typing so much xAx. Hope i never let you guys down as a creator or friend.Byeeee~Wilfy "Teh Raposa Productions"

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