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Hi, I'm Bella Rose Heart. I am 14 years old and I am an otaku (anime freak) I love making series and i LOVE to draw.Sure I am not the best drawer haver but...I try :) anyways all I ever asked for was a simple few colored stars ... (don't we all hahah) for a background on my profile >_< I LOVE ALL MY FANS (not that anyone ever looks at my flip notes anymore)OH YEA that brings meh 2 something else I really really REALLY hate when you work like a month or less on a flip note and then someone spins it off and keep everything the same and THEY get more stars then the person who really made it AND they don't give credit :p ANYWAYS I always thought about leaving Flip Note Hatena but I get so much joy out of making flip notes even if they don't get stars I'm always happy to see people at least look at them or add a comment anyways thats lolz BYE :)