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HAI!! I am Animalcraz. But only FRIENDS can call me Ani for short okayyyy? okayyyy. I am makeing a seiries called Survivors. I. LOVE. ANIMALS. Also, I DO take requests! no humans plz!!! i only do animals ;3 ALSO, if any body, ANY BODY, steals my art, i will report you, block you, track you down, scratch you, bite you, whack you with a spoon, whack you with a frying pan, back my dad's truck over you, take you to the ocean, attract hungry sharks, and throw you in with them. So, NO STEAL!!!! That goes for if you steal any of my friends art too.just so ya know, i am NOT a creator! I AM A CREATRESS! i am all pure always have been, always will be, FEMALE.

Ok, now after that long moment, be prepared to read alot more and once you start reading this, u must read it to the end >:D

Some things to describe me is...

some things u should know about me:



  • ppl that block me
  • ppl that hate me
  • ppl that r mean to me
  • stealers
  • false reporters
  • clowns
  • backstabbers
  • some heartless people in my neighborhood (long story) >:(
  • My freaking stupid computer that I am about to crak the screen and throw away

Meet moueh buddiez:

  • CutieBeast
  • Winterwolf
  • CatCrazy
  • Clippo
  • Pandora
  • Fizzy pop
  • Lillyeevee
  • Gypsy
  • Rattata of Kidz
  • SnowFoxy

phew! yeah, ik. long info XD. READ ALL IT OR ELSE!! o0o.

My O.C's:

My Fursona:

Nikki, the chocolate labrador retreiver puppy with blue eyes and amber slits in them(yes, that is what my i color is in real life), and a bright friendly personality :3


(I don't use her much. Partly cuz I'm bad at drawing her :P)

Crystal:(Hey, I couldn't find any better name!) Female Riolu. (Not much to say about her...)

Survivors Chars.



Those are all the Survivors chars.

Enjoy my flips and well...bai!








~And the Survivors


I got pasion in my paw and im not afraid ta show it, show it, show it...