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Yo! Ohayou! Konichiwa! My name's Rukia Hirozuki and I'm 14 years old. Okay, I'm obssessed with anime and manga therefore I'm a first-class professional otaku. Some of the animes I watch are:

I highly recommend watching all of those. They're amazingly cool. :D

Anyways, a small warning, I'm OCD (obssessive compulsive disorder), so if I talk about SYMMETRY a lot, you know why. Plus, my crush is Death the Kid... Haha! Moving on, I like listening to Japanese music, like Vocaloid, but I still listen to English as well. I like regular comic books as well so my favorite DC superheroes are Batman and The Flash. My favorite Marvel hero is Iron Man. Insult them or me and I'll take your soul to feed to my weapon partner! -evil laugh-

Ahem... Time for a random list! .u.

Random list of my anime crushes:

They all belong to me already. -w- <3

That's it, I guess. Sayonara!