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HEYY its arianna here :p annyways im a

teenybopper and im 13 whoot ! i love art and basketball.My fave creator What am I to you 

Chapter 1. Harsh realit

Everyday ,is the same. I wake up , go to school ,eat lunch ,sit in class an then the drama starts. " Mikey said this" " Sandy said that" an so forth . An also everyday I see thoes who people shun because they don't fit scocial standards . I see them eating alone , sitting alone , never getting picked first , an never herd a complement from anyone besides family . The kind of person who is in exsile from the world . An the kind who people spread nasty rumors about an pick on . I see the hurt in there's eyes but they shove it behind a broken smile . But the harsh reality is that people lack compassion . An people just don't want to take a leap out of there scocial circle an step into a new circle

and im obsesed w love serieses . :) if ya wanna chat it up w me on facebook then just message mehh !! im not very gud at anime and i love meeting new people :) and i luv beain diffrent !! and im religous !!- so gd blessss.

things i love ..

my shane <3

my friends

basketball <3


Things i hate



mean people


Friends .

  • zab
  • kitty-
  • bellah
  • skittles
  • shanie-
  • pyro
  • al
  • chris-


i'm obsessed w the movie a walk 2 rember <3 i love it!!!


  • zack
  • lati