dude I haven't been on here since forever. Well here I am 2 years after I started which is pretty insane. Oh well.. I don't know who actually reads this stuff but whoever is I'm sorry that the information on here is not of your concern and is really boring :D You should probably stop reading now because the rest is just a filler so it looks like I would actually take the time and write info about me to total strangers cuz you know... that's how I roll. If you are still continuing to read this then you are very ignorant, don't exactly know how to read, think this is ridiculously awesome, or you just love me so much that you have to read it. This probably wasted a couple minutes of your time when you could have been doing something more important like doing your homework or your chores... yeah I know you would rather read somebody's meaningless about me info when in reality there's nothing about me at all except for the little part in the beginning. Have a nice day and have fun reading other unmeaningful and Ridonkulous stuff aight?

  • AJ

''The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart'' -Helen Keller

"I'm a lover. Not a fighter. But I'll fight for what I love" ~Unknown

"The day is lost if one has not laughed"