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Hey. I'm Spadez. If your wondering about why my pics are demented. I have two crazy little brothers who like to jab the stylus into the screen. I try to cover it up but its hard. Thanks for bearing with me.

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(A furry is someone who wants to be a animal or someone who enjoys humanized animals such as disney animals, balto etc) or like has a o.c that is like half person kinda thing.. I dont believe that if you have an animal oc that you must call yourself a furry. likes to roll play usually... I am one myself, thank you very much. Well. If you disagree I really don't care. Haters gonna hate lovers gonna love

I love all of my friends and fans.

Thank you guys! You're why I do this. I'm definitely in need of improvement.

Thanks for actually reading this.

I love skillet, eminem,linkin park, My Chemical Romance, Superchick, 3 days grace, Red, August burns red, these hearts, Gnashing of teeth, fall of troy, smosh, Redd, maroon 5, Papa Roach, System of a Down, Bright Eyes, These hearts, Asking Alexandrie, Suicide Slience, Sleeping With Sirens, and many more. I'm more of an emo music person as you can see......

Btw I have a deviantart account. I'm werewolf-of-14.

No, I'm not 14. Yo can figure that one out yourself.


Anyone can be my friend. I'm open to talk and to help you through anything.

  • Spadez

Well, if you actually read this far, congrats, pat yourself on the back, and tell me. I might just reward you. (PS. Many don't know, but I am a werewolf.) (jk) (maybe.) BE AFRAID!!!! BE VERY AFRAID!!!

I don't know what I am. I guess I'll call myself Punk. If you think all emos cut, your wrong. 99.9% of them are very civil people and nice to talk to. So check your facts because it means emotionally disturbed or detached. So stop being so staid.